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Impact of Story Telling

When using the story in a lesson, the teacher can use story telling in an introduction and should be very short. In social and moral lessons story telling is best appropriate for use in the book stage of the child book child approach. It is necessary for the teacher to be observant of learners’ reactions so as to take necessary measures.

Story telling has more benefits as an effective method of instruction, because it involves many mediums of communication for example use of gestures, song and dance. It also moulds characters and provides enjoyment. Stories broadens the knowledge of the children and the cultural beliefs and activities. It also establishes good relationships among pupils and their teacher.

Advantages of story telling are as follows:

1. Instills Virtues In Your Child
2. Makes Them Aware Of Their Own Culture And Roots
3. Enhances Verbal Proficiency
4. Improves Listening Skills
5. Encourages Creativity And Imagination Power
6. A Great Tool For Sharpening Memory
7. Broadens Horizon
8. Makes Academic Learning Easier
9. Better Communication
10. Helps To Face Difficult Situations With Ease