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Month: March 2018

Why Pre-Primary School is important?
Why Pre-Primary School is important?

The play school is essential for your toddler because it is the building block of your child’s elementary education. It helps in laying down a healthy foundation for the all-round development of your child. It is necessary to provide your child with good foundation for him/her to be prepared for future education. Here are some reasons your little one should be provided with good pre-primary education.
• The play school prepares your child for future school education and allows your child to build a strong base for the same.
• It allows the child to explore his inner skills in order to develop the personality. It allows the child to give vent to his/her inner desires through positive ways
• Play school exposes the creativity of the child, thus allowing the child to develop personality in a natural way.
• It is essential for the growth of the child at the age 3, child start showing the signs of interdependence
• Playschool is also responsible for teaching the social etiquettes to your child. Some of the group activities involve teaching manners and etiquettes to your child.