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About Us

About Us

X-TREME Kids welcomes children of all abilities, with the commitment to provide nurturing and supportive environment to each child in our infant care, preschool and other early education programs. We believe every child is a unique individual with varying needs, and we welcome the diversity that brings to our centers. Our loving and dedicated daycare faculty not only ensure the children in their care are safe and happy, but also help them in their development through educational games and other co-curricular activities.

X-TREME Kids offer attentive, individualized care to each and every child according to their specific needs and rate of development. Our daycare providers are highly trained, certified and experienced in child care. Furthermore, every member of our team has the love and dedication that is required to bring the very best out of every child in their care. Parents can leave their pupil in our hands confident that he or she will be kept safe, entertained and monitored until it is time to go home. Parents are welcome to visit our center to see our daycare providers in action.

X-TREME Kids ensure that your child experiences the highest quality care in our local community. By nurturing them as individuals, we enhance their exclusive talents and raise their confidence and interest in the process of learning. Every Curriculum includes a variety of interesting and inspiring activities to stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative work.

Advantages of Joining X-TREME Kids :
  • Well trained Staff.
  • More resources and equipment’s available.
  • Good cognitive development with more learning materials.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Structured Curriculum.
  • Wide range of activities.
  • Vicinity under surveillance
  • Secure play area
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    To provide the best dynamic, value based, creative, activity oriented, environmental friendly educational experience to our young students.


    It is our mission to create a fully integrated Pre-School designed to foster the child’s Physical, Social, Emotional, Language, Cognitive and Creative Development.


    We at X-TREME Kids believe that each child is potentially divine human being sent out on a purpose and all we do at X-TREME Kids is just facilitate them to discover themselves.